EXPERIENCESSushi Making in Marunouchi



Established 130 years ago, revered Edo-style sushi restaurant Ginza Sushiko offers you the prestigious opportunity to learn sushi-making from the masters.

The finely honed art of Sushi takes years of dedication to be mastered. Under the careful instruction of a seasoned chef, take your place at a real sushi counter and make your own Edo-style Nigiri Sushi and Norimaki rolls. Enjoy the fruits of your labor overlooking Tokyo's skyline from the 35th floor of Marunouchi Building.

Only in Marunouchi can you experience such quality - seasoned chefs of an established restaurant, fresh quality produce and a glimpse into the depths of Japanese Edo culture.

Complimentary souvenir included.



Monday to Saturday


Marunouchi Course (9 pieces): 8,000JPY (tax included) / per person
Nakadori Course (5 pieces): 5,500JPY (tax included) / per person

Time required

120 minutes


Marunouchi Course
・ Nigiri Zushi (9 pieces: Tuna ・ Fatty Tuna ・ Great Amberjack ・ Salmon ・ Salmon roe ・ Sea eel ・ Scallop ・Two seasonal ingredients)
・ Norimaki sushi roll
・ Soup
・ A sweet or drink (includes alcohol)
・ Souvenir accessory

Nakadori Course
・ Nigiri Zushi (5 pieces: Tuna ・ Great Amberjack ・ Scallop ・ Salmon or Salmon roe ・ Sea eel)
・ Norimaki sushi roll
・ Soup
・ Souvenir accessory

Please Note:
・This workshop cannot be altered to cater to those with seafood allergies (crustaceans , shellfish, fish). We apologize for the inconvenience.
・For those with wheat allergies or gluten intolerance, we are able to provide gluten free Soy sauce if notified in advance.
・Please wear clothes and shoes that you do not mind dirtying.
・Please ensure the chef's instructions are closely followed.


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  • 【英語】寿司握り体験を丸の内で
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Ginza Sushiko

35F Marunouchi Bldg. 2-4-1 Marunouchi, Chiyoda Ward, Tokyo

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