The Perfect Place For Business Events.




Tucked between Tokyo Station and the Imperial Palace, the Marunouchi area is a picture of urban sophistication and beauty. A hub of Japanese business activity since the Edo period, it has since become a thriving international business district thanks to convenient access to numerous major train stations and a significant concentration of leading corporations both Japanese and foreign. The neighboring Otemachi and Yurakucho districts are part of a wider 1.2-square-kilometer area dotted with numerous MICE facilities--all within walking distance.


DMO TOKYO/Marunouchi members include five-star hotels, Tokyo’s largest international conference venues, and other key hospitality organizations in the Marunouchi area. As such, we are proud to serve as your one-stop portal for MICE events in the area, as we are dedicated to bringing in and supporting a variety of key business functions.


The Marunouchi area boasts a shared commitment to sustainable practices. DMO TOKYO/Marunouchi group has interviewed several of its member organizations about their unique sustainability initiatives.


The Marunouchi area is home to numerous luxury hotels and a high concentration of unique venues, including the Tokyo International Forum--one of the largest international conference spaces in the city. There are also plenty of spacious outdoor areas available for event gatherings, such as the areas along Gyoko-Dori, Marunouchi-Nakadori Avenue, and Otemachi-Nakadori Avenue.


We are also eager to share our knowledge of the many unforgettable experiences available to MICE participants in the local area as well as in the Tokyo suburbs. Among these are traditional cultural experiences and interactive modern art events. We can even package custom activity plans to suit your exact needs.


Here are many successful examples of Marunouchi MICE events that DMO TOKYO/Marunouchi has supported in the past. Selecting from the many outstanding venues in this area gives event participants plenty of opportunities to get out of the conference room and immerse themselves in the countless delights of Marunouchi and its surroundings.