COVID-19 Information

The New Normal in the Marunouchi Area, Tokyo

We, DMO TOKYO/Marunouchi, would like to express our deep gratitude to everyone working hard to prevent the spread of COVID-19, especially health professionals.

As the world shifts to the new normal, the MICE industry now faces unprecedented challenges. There are expectations of advances in online meetings and hybrid MICE, but at the same time, the new normal could also be prompting us to recognize once again the value of face-to-face MICE.

DMO TOKYO/Marunouchi member companies are taking thorough measures to prevent COVID-19 infection and give reassurance to MICE organizers and participants so that MICE will be held in the Marunouchi area, and are preparing for the near future, making preparations every day so they are able to welcome you in person to the Marunouchi Area.

This webpage features information about new normal initiatives that our member companies are undertaking.
Walk Together for Tomorrow! See you in Marunouchi!

DMO TOKYO/Marunouchi under the New Normal

DMO TOKYO/Marunouchi will provide you with information about the safety measures the member companies are taking and information about promotions you can take advantage of. Note: The website information may be updated at any time. Please be sure to check the details such as promotion expiry dates.

Virtual Background Images

We have made background images available for you to enjoy a virtual visit to Marunouchi in your online meetings and so on. The virtual background images are provided courtesy of our member companies.
Please use them for your personal enjoyment only and refrain from copying, distributing, publishing, modifying, and/or reposting them on other websites.