EXPERIENCESLet’s Talk Art!(The National Museum of Modern Art, Tokyo)

【英語】東京国立近代美術館(Let’s Talk Art!)
【英語】東京国立近代美術館(Let’s Talk Art!)
【英語】東京国立近代美術館(Let’s Talk Art!)
【英語】東京国立近代美術館(Let’s Talk Art!)
【英語】東京国立近代美術館(Let’s Talk Art!)
【英語】東京国立近代美術館(Let’s Talk Art!)
【英語】東京国立近代美術館(Let’s Talk Art!)


Enjoy a cross-cultural conversation in English while exploring modern Japanese art!
A unique program Let’s Talk Art! offers the perfect opportunity to enjoy masterpieces of modern Japanese art from the 20th century at Japan’s first national art museum located in central Tokyo, near the Imperial Palace.
Not just listening to information, you can enjoy artworks while having a delightful conversation with other international participants and a facilitator. After exploring three works for one hour, you will be more familiar to Japanese art and culture than ever before! Don’t miss it!



Please see the remarks below.


Please see the remarks below.


Every Friday 6:30 PM–7:30 PM (meeting time 6:15 PM)
pre-registration necessary
If there are any vacancies, tickets are available at the museum ticket office from 10:00 AM until 6:15 PM on the day.

Fee (including museum admission)
Adult (18–64) 1,500 yen
Discount with ID below (Show your ID)
College student 1,250 yen
Senior (65+) or Minor (11–17) 1,000 yen


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  • 【英語】東京国立近代美術館(Let’s Talk Art!)
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