Gyoko-dori Underground Gallery



The Gallery is in the perfect location, right outside of the Marunouchi Line ticket gate and directly connected via the JR Tokyo Station underpass.
It is in an underground passage linking the Marunouchi Bldg. and Shin-Marunouchi Bldg. in front of Tokyo Station.

This underground space provides a safe pedestrian pathway for people coming to the Marunouchi area, including the Imperial Palace, and was established with the aim of offering a pleasant, enjoyable public underground space. On either side of the bright, spacious gallery there are 220-m long glass showcases that give the space the name, Gyoko-dori Underground Gallery.

It can be used for various exhibits that make the most of its scale without being impacted by the weather. Uses range widely from art exhibits of paintings, photos, and modern art to include various panel displays and displays of objects that leverage the depth of the showcases.

In addition, when event exhibitions are not being held, there are permanent exhibits of photo panels introducing topics such as Marunouchi history, nature, and festivals. The gallery can be readily enjoyed by pedestrians.
Gyoko-dori Underground Gallery creates a pleasant environment and excitement in the Marunouchi underground space, and contributes to area vitalization as a gallery space that shares history and culture from the heart of Tokyo.

Space layout

■Underpass Specifications
Gyoko-dori Underpass: The 220-m long space featuring glass showcases can exhibit artwork and other items on both sides.


In principle, there are no electric power sources and plumbing equipment available for use.
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  • 【英語】行幸地下通路・ギャラリー
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1 Marunouchi Chiyoda-ku Tokyo


JR Tokyo Sta.: Direct connection via underpass from Marunouchi underground Central Exit
Marunouchi Line Tokyo Sta.: Direct connection via underpass
Chiyoda Line Nijubashimae Sta.: Direct connection via Gyoko underpass from Exit No. 7
Mita Line Otemachi Sta.: Exit D1
Tozai Line Otemachi Sta.: Exit B1
Hanzomon Line Otemachi Sta.: Exit A5

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