Discover a city that fuses greenery, art, history, and culture with charming elegancy

With Tokyo Station and the Imperial Palace on both ends of the area, Marunouchi provides sights and entertainment that befits its status as Japan’s most prestigious district. Tokyo Station has been restored to 1914’s retro European-style glory. The Imperial Palace’s vast greenery is the nation’s pride. The high-rises are filled with offices (with many of them, headquarters) of Japan’s leading companies. Sidewalks are lined up with restaurants and shops that are popular with locals and tourists alike. Marunouchi is, quite literally, the Heart of Tokyo.

A sophisticated city where business, history, and greenery exist in harmony
A city with potential for a variety of MICE


Here are the 10 reasons why Marunouchi is the perfect place for your business event

  1. World-Class Hotels Most well-known luxury brands have Marunouchi as their address
  2. High Quality Conference Halls From Tokyo International Forum to the intimate small forums, the area is equipped to cater to any event needs
  3. Top-Notch Location Connect from Tokyo Station to Japan and the world
  4. Efficient Local Transportation Complimentary shuttle bus within the area available
  5. Japan’s Business Capital Potential to connect to the nation’s business sector by promoting an event within its neighborhood
  6. Culture and history Guests could also try on traditional Japanese activities, such as sushi-making and kimono wearing, all within walking distance
  7. Modern and classy The city has successfully fused the old architecture with the new, such as the Mitsubishi Ichigokan Museum, and has led to a modern city but not losing its taste from the past. Japan and the world’s leading fashion brands and modern art line up along Marunouchi Nakadori Avenue.
  8. Safe and clean Japan’s cutting edge technology is implemented in the area’s high-rises, creating a sustainable city even in case of a disaster. Crime rates are also low.
  9. A World of Cuisine Limitless options of restaurants of Japanese and international cuisines
  10. Expertise advice at your fingertips DMO TOKYO Marunouchi to serve as one-stop resource in approaching a wide variety of possibilities